Friday, September 28, 2012

The Extended Musing of a Drunk

Gwil James Thomas from Bristol, England left school at 19. He wrote a novel, Captains of Sinking Ships mostly on sanitary napkins and barf bags. He's in Spain now taking care of a dog, he hopes he doesn't have to eat. He estimates that he’ll be happily retired by 25 and dead by 30. He doesn’t believe in curses.

“The pub was rich in stories, they spanned geography, lovers, creeds, religions, everything. Dictated they’d take up novels, but every night we ended it in three words - fuck it all.” 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anna Drinking Swallows/ American Fat


My 1/4 Cherokee friend Anna gives me blowjobs and poems, here's two from her.
As for Bio: Russell Streur invokes the fifth amendment and won't have anything to say later either.


Anna Drinking
Swallows this
And Anna Drinking
Swallows that
And Anna Drinking
Believes in tarot cards
And the Mayan Calendar
But she has been
Around the block a time or two
On and off the clock
And under lock and key
And Anna Drinking
Doesn’t swallow shit
And Anna Drinking
Doesn’t swallow cum.


Rat race rat
Round and round
Chase the bullet to the head
For the chemical thrill
And the dog eat dog
From the tail to the claw
For the poison in the bone
And the sport of the kill
And the rich get rich
And fly first class
And steal every nickel
And buy another war
And the fat get fat
And eat up all the meat and pie
On the gravy train
And I want to be like that
With a real fat head
And a real fat house
And a real fat car
And a real fat bride
And have a hundred chins
And spend the summer in Hyannisport
Sleep with Kennedys
And raise the rent
Meet me on the corner
American Fat and Babylon Way
I can show you
A real good time.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hate Comes In Many Different Shapes And Sizes

Paul Tristram is a Welsh writer who now lives on the Southern coast of Britain, besides writing he is very interested in becoming a tattooist and a silversmith, he once had an infamous rooftop seige in Wales involving 30 policemen, a fire engine and ambulance all over the theft of a £35 council rubbish bin, he was fined £45.

Hate Comes In Many Different Shapes And Sizes

Just like vaginas,
Containers of beer,
Take away food,
Tattoos and scars.
But it’s most pleasant
When mixed together
With all of the above.