Monday, October 29, 2012

Afterschool Special

Brian Le Lay

After the porcelain town

With its lyme ticks hidden

In tall trash-heap grass lots

Had gone to sleep


Of Samsonite briefcases,

Debaucherous fishing trips

Season finales

Stadium hot-dogs,

The good old days

Of segregation,

The cashier girl

At the Pick-and-Pay

Performing fellatio

And the Fourth of July,

The children

Could no longer

See inside your soul,

Sitting stiff-necked

In your assigned seat

Staring enigmatic

Into your arithmatic,

Trying not

To be noticed

You were cocooned

By the soupy

Almost searing warmth,

Provided by

The piled skeletons

Burning in the attic,

Still trying not

To be noticed


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