Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Jay Passer hails from San Francisco but sleeps on a bed of nails in Oaktown. He hates the Yankees, loves cats and elephants, and won't answer his cell phone for fear of extraterrestrial intervention. His newest chapbook, At the End of the Street, is available from corrupt press, based somewhere in Europe. One may view his novella, I Can't Wait to Never See You Again, on the inimitable arthouse-slash-brothel, Horror Sleaze Trash.

Richard Nixon killed John Lennon
Daisies stink like swamp gas
All men are born faggots
Cows drink petrol by the barrel
Television replaced God in 1980 with the creation of MTV
I am the center of the universe
Embryos are manufactured in Taiwan
The world is as flat as a spatula
And when they finally pull the plug to shut me up
You will wipe away a tear and wonder why
Most people are partially cybernetic
Sharks brandish umbrellas when prospecting for dreams
Nuclear physicists are less relevant than housecats
King Tut survived on the flesh of vampire bats
Baseball is considered a winter sport on planet Mercury
The Bush Administration was responsible for the massacre of 9/11
Submarines were invented to explore
The cosmic intestinal passage of History
Unicorns are for real, I saw one in a porno once
Grandmothers are to blame for
Everything wrong with society as a whole
I use ketchup to marinate my genitals
Before climbing into bed at night
Texas is beautiful and I want to grow old there

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  1. These words grab you by the fucking throat with powerful fingers, barely letting you breathe at the end.