Tuesday, October 2, 2012

invitation to my ass, baby


Patricia Hickerson’s  true bio

her Mommy and Daddy were hot blooded New Yorkers who loved a speakeasy so when Patsy slid out of Mommy one hot and heavy Sunday morning Daddy fox-trotted down Amsterdam Avenue hootin’ and hollerin’ into the nearest pub to fuck a barmaid and bless his darling baby girl with a gallon of booze…after that Patsy went into hibernation till she got old enough to dance the fucky duck and spit out grown up words like cunt and jism and make a name for herself in the porn world.

she has her fingers on my lips
the hidden ones, the very pale pink ones

parting them ever so gently

setting them up for the camera

I imagine their ridges glistening

swelling a bit under her tender pussy touch

hair straining at its roots

cold and slick, go slowly, okay?

am I getting wet? now the camera licks the edges

click!  a few more clicks, then it’s done

pull up your jeans, your high-heeled boots

go home

done your duty for the artsy

 in this big Tribeca studio of hers
walls hung with tapestry

deep couches for dalliance

she must be some rich bitch

who’s taken up hot photography

hopes to make her name

recording 35 cunts

to be exhibited at her know-it-all show

(“been there, done that”)

you can’t tell one hole from the other

all alike, I tell you

maybe you can get it up for one or the other

but who’s that discriminating?                                         



  1. Patz ripped the pigs up with this one.

  2. my friend Pat packs the heat--and the skewers. ~mikey

  3. This is a famous lady. She wrote for Penthouse, had her privates in a photo exhibit in NYC, read with the Beatniks in San Francisco, her in-laws knew Henry Miller, her best friend modeled for Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera. She's got a new chap coming from Leah at Alt-Currents, folks should jump on that.

  4. It can be found here!: