Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Mansion / Window Peeks

Anita McQueen runs the streets at night, feeling the wind against her face, and long shadows on her back.


The Mansion

You give me your
dead eyes and testicles
expecting me to spread
like some grateful nympho,
when frankly your frank looks
rather haggard,
and I just changed my
mind and mood...
I'm out of here
on my little bike
back into the city,
where men know how to laugh,
and boys know how to dance
like animals.

Window Peeks

Swelling up
the mark
I do it

the men
the boys
all the hits
in their instant world

and I
running nude
window peeks
for a little licorice
and ice

I melt
under the hand
of the sun

my crack
filling in
with hot asphalt.

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