Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Black Kite Poems #6 / Mary Jane


Michael Grover is a Florida born poet living in Northwest Ohio. He's been widely published, and has had several chapbooks. Michael's first full length book "A Shotgun Does The Trick" will be out early 2013 on Tainted Coffee Press. Michael is the current head poetry editor of Red Fez, and also the co-editor of a little print zine coming soon.

Black Kite Poems #6

Tonight through the fishbowl windows of this coffee shop
I am watching the neighborhood pass by
That's when I see her
Walk of shame
Head down
Across the car repair lot
Over to the woman's shelter
Back pack on her back
Dragging her sickness & addictions
It's too cold to sleep in the streets anymore
& if she says she's christian
They will give her a place to sleep

I used to know her
Until she started using again
I have seen her
Pacing up & down Ashland
Trying to look cars down
Looking for some action

It made me want to cry
In my pretentious iced coffee
That I probably could not afford in the first place



Mary Jane

From her roots in the ground
She calls me
From the gleam in the dealers eye
She calls me
From a plastic zip lock bag
She calls me
Inviting me to feel again
to live again
to live

She calls me
As I go through the day
Trying to be somewhat responsible
Something that has nothing to do with art
She calls me to make wild art & love
A quiet spot in the chaos

She calls me
& I answer
Like a lot of people did tonight
Some of them will do it in private
& act like it should be illegal
Just to uphold what someone told them
Was societies paradigm
What kind of sick society
Do you live in

Mary Jane is all good
Alone or with friends
She is kind & peaceful
She will show you that peaceful place
In all this chaos


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