Thursday, December 20, 2012

Domestupidy / Vaccinations of Sobriety / ...Yet, I can't stop Tonguing Her


Devlin de la Chapa is editor of and from Arizona.


I can’t take it anymore,


your fightin’ words


riddle like bullets


in my head


You stroll across the room,


your bare ass thighs sit


parted on the sofa,


your lips purse


I tell you all we’re good for is


orgies and social dinners, but


I’m ignored as usual, you’re


unusual, as usual


I tell you, if you love him,


then set me free! Oh


for fucks sake, stop


fucking with me!



I need another drink, another


excuse for you to wallow in


self-pity; and this house of


domesticity has become a


house of domestupidy


I’d like to think we’re better


than this so I hand you my


cigarette and tell you to


do that thing with


your gifted clit



I hold my scotch breath; I envy


the way your pussy smokes


my cigarette, an obvious


connotation that my


dick is no match.

Vaccinations of Sobriety

You’re goin’ to hell, this much I know


my conscience burps in a lengthy mp3 wave


I could feel the fiber optic cables pulling


within the bowels of my intestines resembling


the spaghetti straps falling off my waif shoulders;


ringworms, tapeworms, heartworms would be envious,


so would my dog if I had a dog and my cat despises dogs


but loves the Chinese fighting fish fighting with the


mating water toads whenever they get in the way so


my LED HD plasma TV resembles a human aquarium;


I can’t seem to trudge through the liquid pixels in search


of a higher equilibrium than my boyfriend who’s obsessed with


tossing back Vodka shots and listening to gospel rock music on JesusTV


while I’ve become obsessed to picking up the remote in my drunken stupors


to donate blasphemous portions of my spirit through PayPal for a good cause;


but Jesus keeps changing the channel on me, and we’re out of booze


and I don’t think the liquor store ‘round the corner accepts foodstamps,


I start to worry, the ringworms, tapeworms and heartworms gather around


my soul, pulverizing my senses with the empty booze bottles, as I try to


hold onto what little dignity I had before facing the vaccinations of sobriety.

. . .Yet, I can’t stop Tonguing Her


Her pussy mouth


dislocates on my cock


sending orgasmic riffs


up and down my shaft


as I take the path


of holding her head


in an obvious vice grip


My body tenses,


muscles reflex,


and my toes curl


and her name goes


hurling through the air


While satisfied,


my lady friend is in


absolute despair


she tugs her hair


from my mechanical grasp


and spits icy semen


across my chest


as the silent scowl


of “Pig”


is sprawled across


her raped expression


She angrily grabs me by the hair


and drags me to a chair


where she sits


and spreads


her pink fleshed wings


and takes flight over my mouth


She is wet,


her pussy tastes dirty,


like cigar pine needles


and musk that fucked


someone else’s tongue


in the previous dusk


and the thought


sickens me-


. . .yet, I can’t stop tonguing her




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  1. These words burn me up with tequila & a blowtorch.