Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Demons / Bloody Party

Philip Wardlow

I am a forty something married writer of fantasy fiction ranging from Urban, Dark, or Horror with a little Science Fiction thrown in as well. In poetry I write an eclectic mix of erotica, observational, inspirational, humorous, along with dark matter. I have submitted and been published in various online sites & magazines such as Deep Underground Poetry, Carnage Conservatory, Quail Bell Magazine, Scribd, BoySlut . I also run my own online Blogpost entitled "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" at



My Demons

My demons love your smile,

for they wish to put their

dick into it to see how deep

they can go.


They wish to fuck you;

my demons.


Not be your friend, nor carry

a conversation over a cup of coffee

or share a joke.


Simply fuck you.


Take you and strip you bare,

bend you over the couch and

slip their dick into you.


My demons want to spank you,

bite you, claw you, dominate you,

and choke you into


until your

left coughing

and out of



They want you to beg for them

to be inside of you.

They want you to cry in desire,

for more, more, more

as they push your head into

the mattress.


They love it when you ass is

pushed high up into the air.

Push it higher,

For they wish to taste you.


My demons are never satisfied

Never….so keep pushing higher.



Bloody Party

Your metallic sweet taste

drips from my mouth,

down your neck,

between your breasts,

and over your hips

to pool around

naked feet.


My bite, an aphrodisiac,

as you moan in my embrace

while my teeth sink deep

into veins drawing

life into my own.


Your river of red flows, it travels

pulsates, it beats, a rhythm

keeping time to a force where

I now control its course.


Slower, fainter, weaker.


You gasp in ecstasy at your

perfect death.


I lay you aside,

and move on to the next,

after all this is my party

and I must attend to all

my guests.







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