Thursday, January 10, 2013


Rhiannon Thorne grew up in the Bay Area of California and currently lives in Phoenix. She's published around and co-edits the literary publication cahoodaloodaling with fellow poet-in-arms Kate Hammerich. She can be reached at




the simple truth behind every poem i write
is i love to see your saliva on my cunt;

the press of your tongue to the blushing bulb,

your hands entrenching my thighs,

the sight of you nesting between my knees


i need the concaving of your back and belly,

the writhing slick you become

past the brink-


the heavy clawing and unclawing

talons in the sheets; the guttural call,

the shuddering silence; the sight

of your hair pressed firm


to your head, firm to

the side of my thigh


the slowly dispelling heat


the hazy after



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