Saturday, January 26, 2013

The General

Trixie Starr has published erotica at The Erotic Woman and Cliterature. In her other life she is a secretary, devoted mother of two and an assistant girl scout troop leader. Shhhhh!!!
The General

With his cock in one hand and his vodka tonic on the rocks in the other, the General sat - pants unzipped and legs open - in the center of her brown leather sofa.  He looked incongruous with the surroundings of her modest apartment in his imported Italian silk suit that had probably cost more than her rent.
From the middle of her beige carpet, Simone continued undressing.  The General’s gaze grew hungrier as he watched her.  He stroked himself more vigorously as each article of feminine clothing slid softly to the floor.  “Now the stockings,” he commanded.  She couldn’t stop smiling.

“Next the bra.”  She opened the front clasp and began lowering the dark pink straps, which, she knew well, matched the color of her nipples exactly.  “Slower,” he demanded.  She took her time, pulling the silky material across her erect nipples, closing her eyes and tilting her head back to let him watch her react.  “Good.  Now, bring the panties to me so I can smell them.”  He continued tugging on his hard member.

This was the second time today he’d had his cock out.  The first was in her car after she had picked him up from the airport.  The General was in town for a high profile meeting with Simone’s boss, and she was his ride to the hotel.  Only, they hadn’t made it to his hotel after all.

He had begun eyeing her petite form the instant she approached him in the baggage claim area.  He was an older man, his skin a bronzed mocha color.  His eyes blazed with energy and lascivious appetite.  She stared at his mouth.  He took careful notice.

He had started rubbing his cock before they had even paid to exit the parking structure.  “Open your blouse,” he had ordered.  Though she had met him only moments ago, she was excited to comply immediately.  She unfastened two more buttons, revealing a hint of raspberry lace.  Once they drove out onto the interstate, his zipper was down, and his thick cock was in his hand.

That was the instant in which she decided that she wasn’t taking him to his hotel at all, as her boss had specifically directed.  Simone had a different plan for the General.

Now they were back at her apartment, and, incomprehensibly, her sudden nudity made her feel mighty rather than vulnerable and exposed.  She didn’t care how many stars the General had earned before he’d retired from the service and accepted his current position with the Department of Homeland Security.  Let him bark out all the instructions he wanted.

She felt his heated gaze on every curve and crevice of her skin.  “Bring the panties.  Crawl to me,” he snapped.  She did it slowly, her eyes locked on his.  The crotch of the soaked panties glistened in her hand.  The late afternoon sun filtered in through Simone’s closed blinds, suffusing everything with a tinge of gold.

The General’s eyes flashed.  His pupils dilated.  His breath came in bursts, heavy and hard, his chest heaving.  He snatched the panties out of her hand and pressed them over his nose and mouth, inhaling deeply.  When he pulled them away, a long, clear, slick thread stretched from his mouth back to the panties.  He didn’t seem to notice, but the sight of it sent a new swell of moisture down between Simone’s legs.  The General wrapped the damp garment around the base of his inflamed and distended prick and continued to jack off.

“Suck it.”  He maneuvered his pants and boxer shorts further down, but did not remove them.

Simone knelt between his thighs and dipped her head, tracing her tongue in a tight circle around the slippery droplet she found gleaming at the tip of the General’s fat cock.  He fondled his balls while she licked up and down the length of him.

The General drew in a quick breath.  He was throbbing.  She could feel his pulse against her lips as she took the whole thing into her mouth, sucking hard.  Then she ran her mouth back up to the top and suckled just the head.  Her nipples rubbed against his expensive suit pants, stiffening again.  Wetness glided down her thighs.

His nostrils flared.  His hand curved around her leg as she leaned forward, and one of his plump fingers slid inside her.

She shuddered.  Every sensation felt magnified by a thousand.  She stifled the urge to jump up and impale herself on his enormous cock, which was so engorged by now that it was turning purple.  She knew she would come almost instantly if she did that.

She also forced herself to stop imagining the wild gush of cum that would surely spout from him at any moment.  Yet, even the idea of it was making her mouth water.  She saw it over and over again in her mind.  His face contorting, the taut thighs tensing.  The soft squeals of friction as his clenched fists shook helplessly against the leather of her couch.  The opaque elixir squirting from his trembling shaft, shimmering as the rivulets flowed down the textured skin and hair of his balls.  The sound of his surrender.

“Touch your clit,” he told her, teasing her hard, rosy nipples with his free hand.  Simone ignored him.  If she did that, it would all be over in an instant.  She didn’t want to come yet.  He repeated his directive, more firmly this time.  Simone stared him down, removing her mouth from his rock hard rod for a moment.  “No,” she said.

The General was not about to brook any insubordination.  He lifted her as though she weighed no more than a slip of paper and laid her on the carpet.  Spreading her legs with his knees, he pulled her hips up onto his lap, so that the tip of his cock rested at the lip of her opening.  He plunged two fingers inside her while using the head of his penis to delicately rub her swollen clit.

“I’ll come,” she moaned.

“Yes,” he declared, “you will.”

Simone had the sudden urge to kiss the General.  Grasping his muscled shoulders through his blue dress shirt, she pulled herself up and planted a soft kiss directly on his parted lips.  He had tried to turn his head at the last moment, but it was no use.  With his face in her hands and his hands still busily jacking them both off, she gave him a harder kiss now, slipping the tiniest tip of her tongue into his mouth until it met the tip of his.  He tasted like sex, cigars and vodka.  She extended her tongue a bit further, rolling it over his.

“Ahhhhhh!” with a loud cry, the General exploded, and a hot plume of semen cascaded all over her moist pussy.  Now she did touch her clit, bathed in a sea of his warm juices.  She thrust her fingers, now coated and dripping with his cum, deep inside of herself.  Meanwhile, the General raked his hand gently through the massive load he had shot out, feeding his sticky fingers into Simone’s mouth one by one so that she could taste his “soldiers.”

As the first spasms of her climax began to shake through her frame, Simone heard the smile in the General’s voice as he acceded, “OK Simone, you win.”


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