Friday, March 22, 2013

Continuous motion, marvelous motion... / Facesitting

D.A. Pratt, is the MAN in Saskatchewan.

Continuous motion, marvelous motion …


A new GIF … one might say life is now one GIF after another … in this one, a blonde girl is masturbating delightfully … rubbing her four fingers in a circular motion over her pussy with her thumb on her tummy serving in support … watching her becomes this morning’s five minutes of pornographic pleasure … life is one pornographic moment after another or so it seems at this particular moment … she’s wearing leggings that more or less match her open long-sleeved top … what she’s wearing frames what she’s doing fantastically … women should be wearing something when they masturbate like this and she is … she’s on her back with her head supported by a pillow or a pillow-like cushion … she looks comfortable, which is actually important to me … her eyes are closed and this makes the whole damn thing much more believable … her mouth is slightly open, with her lips moving ever so slightly … there’s something sensual about this … her upper teeth are showing just a bit … yes, she’ll bite if given the chance … her blonde hair flows across her forehead from a part on the left … her hair is outlining her face delightfully without fanfare … she’s pretty … surely, we would notice her if the circumstances were different … but right now she’s moving her fingers over her pussy and this is how we’re meeting her … while our attention is going to focus on what she’s doing, we can choose to look at her face and imagine what she’s thinking, what’s she’s imagining as she masturbates … her breasts are sitting on her chest, bare without being the focus of anyone’s attention … she’s masturbating, after all … and we’re voyeurs, as usual … looking again at her fingers moving so marvelously, I see that her fingernails are painted black … and, if we look closely, really closely, we’ll see tattoos near a couple of knuckles … I love the fact that she’s painted her fingernails black … it would be what I would notice first if she placed her hand on mine … now I’m getting carried away … anyway, back to what she’s doing … life is one voyeuristic moment after another and I’m making this one into more than just a fleeting glance at this delightful girl …





She positioned herself

so that she could sit on my face,

as I had dared to ask her to do

and she had surprised me by agreeing to do it …

Once she was ready,

once she was positioned appropriately,

standing over me the way I wanted,

she started her decadent descent,

squatting slowly, ever so slowly,

so I could thoroughly enjoy

what she had agreed to do for me …

She was facing away from me

so I was getting the curiously carnal chance

to see her lower her beautiful bum onto my face …

Ah, her thighs and her delightful derrière

came downward, closer and closer,

getting lower and lower,

in a marvelously controlled descent –

until there was touch-down,

yes, we had contact!

And I started licking,

as she knew I would be doing,

once she sitting on my face –

my tongue flicked up and down,

over and over and over again,

lapping at the teasingly tight seam

that slides down her bum

between the back pockets

of her well-worn blue jeans …

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