Friday, March 8, 2013

My Name Is_______

Caitlin Hoffman writes books nobody reads. She co-edits Visceral Uterus under an unconvincing pseudonym and likes vegan pizza. If you want daily doses of depravity, follow her @CHWrite.


My Name Is ____

Boys used to call me Kit-Kat.

"Have a break. Have Kit-Kat."

Men- so predictable. They always reduce you to an object. Especially if it’s one they can eat.

(And shit from their backsides.)

Chew your salad, chug the bones. For a while, at least. The gleam goes crystal on your thighs and everyone thinks you like it.

They all want you to like it.

Sometimes the boys call me Ferrari.

"My other ride’s Ferrari."

They think that one’s funny.

Men have to slap the brand on your ass. Something to ride, something to show off on the town, something they can shut off and store away.

Until they’re in the mood to drive.



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