Sunday, March 24, 2013

You Sound Just Like The King / Skin Cancer


Michael Grover


You Sound Just Like The King

We went to a friends party one night
There was beer, punk rock, & kids
Jumping off the roof on skateboards
& landing in the pool, so we stayed

I went back to the keg
Our friends brother was standing by it
Our friends brother had gone crazy
He was drivin' drunk one night
Down alligator alley
His best friend in the passenger seat
He drove off the road into the canal
He got out of the car to go get help
By the time he got back an alligator
Had eaten his best friend

So he was standin' there by the keg
Doin' some bad Elvis impersonation
As I walked by he looked right at me
Don't I sound like Elvis
I looked at him
You sound awful man
He reached down for the shotgun
Cocked it & pointed it at my head
Don't I sound like the king mother fucker
All I could say was
You sound just like him
I don't know how I missed it


Skin Cancer

My dad has skin cancer
From years of worshiping the sun
& working in it
My mother still worships
Can't afford to see a doctor
Her face a leathery mask

Growin' up in florida
There's only one thing to do
That is to go to the beach
Oppressive heat beating down

I am starting to feel old
Imagine what my parents must feel
No matter how far I run
I'll never escape those florida roots
Perfect caucasian heaven
Conservative hell
Alligators & manatees
Shotgun justice
It's a part of me







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