Sunday, September 29, 2013

Confessions Of An american Outlaw #360 / Substance Abuse

Michael Grover

Michael D. Grover is a native Floridian now living in Toledo, Ohio. He sees himself as an activist for poetry, and hosts a weekly reading at The Collingwood Arts Center where he lives. Michael has been published all over the world, and has performed all over the country. He has had over a dozen chapbooks including his newest Some People Go Crazy which is available on Citizens For Decent Literature Press. His first full length collection of poetry A Shotgun Does The Trick is forthcoming on Tainted Coffee Press. Michael is the current head poetry editor at

Confessions Of An american Outlaw #360

I was thinking about writing a Poem
Conspiring to commit a crime
Conspiring to write a Poem
Maybe not even a good Poem
Maybe this Poem
Something deep, in these shallow realms
I have breath, therefore Poetic license
We don't need no stinkin' license
We don't need permission
I was conspiring to write a Poem
Because I could, because I should
Commit Poetic acts of terrorism
Even if it might not change one thing
It is my obligation
Because I can
I stopped thinking about writing a Poem
Conspiring about anything
& I wrote a Poem


Substance Abuse

Substances abused
The things we put in our bodies
To conjure this Poetry
Another night with the pen and pad
Because it's been too long
Been playin' with time
Walkin' through it like it wasn't there
Tonight romance the Muse
Make beautiful music
Like Ming, thumping the bass in the background
Like . . .


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