Friday, September 13, 2013

Dusk in Los Quicios by the Town Hall / Sevenling (In the Barista's Eye...)

Paul Hawkins

Paul is a co-editor, guitar man, & Englishman.
TableGlock Press is proud to announce Issue 1 of Boscombe Revolution, an anthology of twenty one poems responding to the provocations of ‘place’ and ‘revolution’.

Issue 1 features a stellar bunch of poets; Matt Haw, Mike Castro, Craig Dobson, Maureen Jivani, klipschutz, Ellie Walsh, Ross Taylor, Jackie Wills, Carrie Etter, Martin Malone, Graham Allison, Sarah Crewe, Tim Suermondt, Lana Bell, Sophie Mayer, Catfish McDaris, Francis K. Johnson, Julia Boore, Tim Cumming, Iordanis Papadopoulos and Mark Burnhope.

Boscombe Revolution will be available to purchase, or pre-order from the website (dispatched from October 5th) via a suggested donation of £4.00 + p&p to anywhere in the world.

website for Boscombe Revolution:

 Dusk in Los Quicios by the Town Hall

Harry Houdini fell out of a taxi wrapped in chains,
limbs contorting in all the wrong places,
half-covered by a hessian sack.
A parade of trainee priests swept into view,
singing some ancient hymn,
badly out of tune,
leaving dischord
long after they had walked on by.

Sevenling (In the Barista`s Eye...)

In the Barista`s eye,
the weight of steam is stainless; 
milk a hot emulsion pour.

In the Barber`s hand,
the weight of lather
is emotional froth on the razor.

Gasping for breath, an espresso cups its little death.

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