Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bury Gun Loving Jesus / Force Fed Doom / Her hot wet pink diamond

Matthew Sradeja lives in Toledo,Ohio with his wife and one cat. He has worked in the glass and the automotive industries. You can find a few of his poems on the internet at Red Fez, Full of Crow, CFDL, rusty truck and here at ppigpenn

Bury Gun Loving Jesus

Anyone from anywhere
Can create an image
Of the whipped and beaten
Gun loving Jesus
Hanging on the cross
Head lowered under the weight
Of that crown of thorns
And his long hippy hair
Caked with sweat and blood
Dried and baking under the setting sun
Sinewy muscled gun loving Jesus
Up on the cross waiting to die
Everyone from everywhere
Has seen this scene
Gun loving Jesus’ body
Starving covered in runnels
Of spit, blood, and sweat
Speared in the heart
Bleeding out
Dead and gross
Although for our sanity
Everyone from everywhere
Always puts gun loving Jesus
In a diaper a filthy rag
A plague infested rag
The type of garment that
The Pilgrims will later give
To the Native Americans
To spread the small pox
Sure that must be it
Gun loving Jesus
On his death cross
With undies full of
Indian slaughtering germs
I had been so whimsically
Uninformed before
In my ignorance I was certain
That someone from somewhere
Was a gun loving Jesus censor
Protecting us from 
Gun loving Jesus’ shriveled up
Cock looking as dried up as
Earthworm on a hot sidewalk
No one from no place wants
To see that
But, I love gun loving Jesus
He gave me a bazooka in my pants

Force Fed Doom

So much doom
Not enough “DO!”
Boom! Mushroom cloud
Napalm slash
Here comes the burn
Anthrax scare
Poorly planned
Oil rig crash
Too much Boom!
Not enough food
Hunger doom
Human drool
Worship cheeseburger
Cook power sandwich
Chocolate flavored
Meat honey
I the walrus eating
Yoda and a bare bunny butt too!
Repulsive but I ate it
Nom, Nom, Nom!

Her hot wet pink diamond
The holiest of holes
The real family jewel
Her hot wet pink diamond

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