Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coming out to Bacon / Dance / The sinking / Hey, Sinclair! / Recharge

Gary Cummiskey

Gary Cummiskey is a South African poet and publisher living in Johannesburg. He is the editor of Dye Hard Press, which he started in 1994. He is the author of several poetry chapbooks, most recently Sky Dreaming (Graffiti Kolkata, India, 2011) and I Remain Indoors
(Tearoom Books, Stockholm, 2013). In 2009, he published Who was Sinclair Beiles? a collection of writings about the South African Beat poet, co-edited with Eva Kowalska.  His debut collection of short fiction, Off-ramp, was published in October 2013. 

Coming out to Bacon

What are you planning
to do, suddenly
announce to the whole
world you've turned
He stared hard
at the torn face
in the mirror.


The families dance
in a circle.
They are naked – the
brothers and sisters
and even the
ageing parents.
It’s difficult to tell
whether they belong in
a colourful Matisse
or a hell by Bosch.

The sinking
I put my hand in the bath and the water turns black. The doctor caresses my foot as she asks about the mining disaster. I know nothing about it, I know only about the torpedoed ship, the old ones who drowned and the aborted four-hour epic devoted to the event.
It’s true my name appeared in a book of poetry published in 1936.

Hey, Sinclair!

There is a lost poem
By sinclair beiles which
When read aloud
Comes alive
And moves like
A lawnmower.
You stroll into the next room
and lay on the floor naked.


I keep my cellphone
on the bedside table
at nights, that's when
I recharge it and read for an
hour before lights out
or write in my journal, do
some drawing, take
pills, or write poems.
I prefer taking pills to
writing poems these days,
it's more productive
and my cellphone recharges
while I sleep.

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