Friday, January 17, 2014


Bryn Fortey currently has a short story in THE ALCHEMY PRESS BOOK OF PULP HEROES 2, Edited by Mike Chinn. The Alchemy Press, a small British independent publisher, is planning a collection of his work, mainly short stories but with some poetry, this year, but it is still in the planning stage.

DOG   :   DEAD

I tried to get through to you then
     The vibes were mellow
     A fleece-lined optimism warmed me
     It seemed a groovy thing to do
But you were never home, God, always out
And no answerphone for messages

But the days faded and so did the dreams
Kaftan discarded, vibes decommissioned 
No need to chat with Omnipotent Beings
So I stopped calling
     Until now
Since I saw a dog, dead, in the gutter

A scrawny stray: alone, unwanted, killed
Red trail marking where he had dragged himself
To the roadside, to die

     Blood of the dog
                     the lamb
                     the Son of Man
The whole world hurtled into a single moment
Personified by this one unimportant death

So I'm calling again, God
To tell you there is nothing here for you to glory in
But you're still not answering
Still not listening

I begin to doubt you even exist

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