Monday, June 2, 2014


Miguel Sanchez                                                      


everywhere, everything 
stains, tears, come, 
puddles of memory, 
an unmade bed, 
an uncombed head
teeth unbrushed, heart 
not beating depression

shaky hand. awkward gait,
can’t roll over, avoid 
friends, friends avoid

used to save lives.
rarely eat out
difficult forks and knives.
tried cheating. tried suicide.
empty bottles around the sink
powerful medications 
half empty, half fool
shirts remain buttoned. 
shoes slip on.
love on top everytime,
hot wife stories
everyone suggests
they are unsure whats true

compersion. only joy
reality fantasy life
writing everyday now.

last possible dream
to come true. 
the best medicine

a love song
the massacre of cells

life and death never sleep.
they visit and leave
gifts with blank cards,
to be filled with meaning.

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