Sunday, August 10, 2014

"catherine" / "the party crash" / "childhood vampires"

My name is Joe Quinn and I am a 34 year old American Poet. I have been published 60+ times in over 30 publications in the world. My poetry collections are available to purchase for $10 at and I can be followed at @joequinnpoetry on twitter or at


the camera cuts
to a close up
of her cunt
(cuneiform )
it's on the tip
of his tongue
(but he can't say what
he wants...
call her honey all abuzz
color flowered
shades of coral
and new bruise)

soft words
never come
cause that's not the love
they sell so well
manufactured in the sweatshops
of young bodies

(and if all you've got is youth
I hope you die young
in the arms of an accomplice)

"the party crash"

we were whores before
they knew
what we were selling
they had their
money out like american guns

maybe it's an image
three dimensional
a watermark of mascara
running as your eyes
plot escape
down the alley ways
of dollar signs

so dream on
(the floor)
don't get up
(to no good)

rose petal areola
on a snow white
cigarette legs crushed out
on the ashtray carpet

she's a phoenix
no one believes in
they just sneak in the morse code
of burns on the old blanket

(they pay compliments
like old coins out of circulation
useless, shiny
child's eye stars)

so dream on
(the floor)
don't get up
(to know good)

"childhood vampires"

shirley you know
we are not constant
shirley you know
that all light fades

shirley was just a ragdoll
I had when I was a little pink
to speak the thoughts
I could hardly think
(she tasted the skin rubbed
by baby teeth)

"I was turned
when I was thirteen
red lips
sucking deep
of the night"

shirley you know
that pain is not constant
(surely you know
that all light fades)

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