Sunday, September 28, 2014

"cool blue waters"

Scott Tammaro is 52 years old & still breathing. In between breaths he's been known to make lots of art (photos, collages, writings) that no one has really seen much of. He's mostly self-taught but did earn his BFA in Fine Arts from Youngstown State University in 2009. He's the official flaneur/jester/skypilot @ The Universe, & a right time fool zen moment lunatic and (often) an undependable clod rushing around on adrenaline running around in circles wondering if LOVE & KINDNESS is going to save the world or not. He loves candy & talks too much.

"cool blue waters"

A couple weeks pass. Scott continues to not sleep.
Laying in bed, staring up @ the white ceiling of his bedroom, Scott dreams of bridges & 
                              jumps & 
landings in cool blue waters.
Scott pinches himself to see if he's awake but wonders if he's dreaming. His wet clothes make his bed damp.
down inside of the water Scott somersaults in easy flow while a musical score plays dreamy pop music. He screams for awhile then stops when a school of fish ask him to please be quiet.
He's disrupting their class. (again)
Scott's breath is running 
He wishes he had bigger lungs & more time. He wishes he had gills but doesn't wish to be a fish. Ever.
He always found fish dull, with their anti stare & poised lips.
4 days later Scott spirits into a mild sleep consisting of 3 minutes of sleeping followed by 1 minute intervals of tossing & turning.
His total time = an unspecified amount that slips by him.
It must be mentioned that there are ten 10 minute bathroom breaks. Bonus minutes allotted if the bathroom reading material requires it.
(or if the toilet clogs up)
A month passes. Another month passes. Scott's gotten used to hearing brain hum. Occasionally there's a muted vibration. 
His breathing is short bursts. 
His eye blinks have ceased. 
He no longer dreams & 
his bed is now dry. 
A desert

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