Thursday, October 30, 2014

Father's Voice / The Tragic Miracle

JD DeHart is the author of The Truth About Snails, a chapbook.  His main blog is and he is a staff writer for Verse-Virtual.  His writing has appeared in a variety of journals and ezines.

Father’s Voice

Father’s voice is a whisper,
a barely there old scratchy
record sound.
The needle is skipping.
I cannot hear him on the phone.
I cannot hear myself
in the room full of people
and I wonder if it is him.
My father, growing inside of me,
like a lump in the throat,
saying, Are we good enough to speak,
Dare we eat a peach?
My mother is the booming voice
in the other room, doubtful
in her own rite and manner.

The Tragic Miracle

Spread on the tree is the tragic
miracle we have kept tied
up in scrolls and coloring books
for centuries.
Now, children, paint the picture
of David beheading Goliath.
We sell faith in the gift shop
and find judgment when we don’t
buy the t-shirt.
If we are found to sip something
strong, they throw us
out of the choir.
Faith is worn as a pendant,
symbol of forgiveness,
the abject figure
of a pained being, bones visible.

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