Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gramps Is Still Nuts about Granny / Study of Barbara / Old Drunk's Advice to an Anxious Beau

Donal Mahoney, a native of Chicago, 
lives in St. Louis, Missouri. His poetry and fiction
have appeared in print and online publications 
in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.
Some of his earliest work can be found

Gramps Is Still Nuts about Granny

Granny wants to go to a movie 
back in the old neighborhood 
where she and Gramps used to
neck in high school but Gramps 

doesn't want to drive that far  
and tells Granny he’ll go if she sits 
in the balcony and wears a skirt 
he can slide his hand under 

during the Coming Attractions.
Granny asks Gramps if he isn’t 
a little old for that kind of thing  
and Gramps says he’d rather put 

his head under there and let Granny 
box his ears with her thighs 
and listen to his sighs as he harvests 
fruit still ripe in the orchard.

Study of Barbara

In the easy heave
and lazy reclination
of their cashmere lake,

Barbara’s buoy. Yet
despite the talc
daubed on at dawn,

beneath both eyes by noon
the scar of night
burns Barbara through.

Old Drunk's Advice to an Anxious Beau

I’m no expert on marriage
but you asked me so
here’s how I see it, 
decades removed from 
making the same decision.

If the woman is pretty, 
has a voice you want to 
bathe in forever, she 
may be the right one.
But at my age or yours

I would marry only
a woman who made me 
grunt at the zenith.
If she did that,
I’d buy the ring.

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